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Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialties, Inc. is a group of medical professionals involved in the treatment of diabetes, stroke, spinal fractures, scoliosis, amputation, plagio/brachycephaly, and neuromuscular disorders. By being focused on the latest technologies the world has to offer, O&P Specialties achieves quality, value and most importantly patient satisfaction.

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Pectus Carinatum Bracing Program

Pectus carinatum is a chest wall deformity where the sternum and ribs protrude. It is also known as pigeon chest. Pectus carinatum is caused by excessive growth of costal cartilage. O&P Specialties offers a pectus carinatum bracing program, the only FDA approved brace treatment in the region. The brace is custom made to fit each individual's specific anatomy. For further information or questions please call our office (605) 334-2311 or e-mail

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Cranial remolding

Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialties is proud to announce the addition of the Omega scanning system to better serve our pediatric cranial helmet patients. The Omega scanner is a non contact, non laser, 3-D image capture system that accurately and quickly makes a 3-D model of a patients cranium. From the comfort of a parent's lap a scan can be obtained. There is no need to confine your child to capture a 3-D model of their head.

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