Care Manuals

Temporary Prosthetic Socket Fitting

A temporary prosthetic socket is usually fabricated out of thermoplastic. The thermoplastic is used for its high adjustability to accommodate the changes in volume of your residual limb. It is commonly worn for 3-6 months. During this time period, you will have several follow up visits with your prosthetist to evaluate and adjust the fit of your prosthesis. The need for adjustability is crucial and therefore the temporary prosthesis may not look like a natural leg. 2

Temporary Prosthetic Socket Fitting

During this visit, your prosthetist will again have you walk in the parallel bars and make any necessary alignment changes to optimize how you walk. Once all the adjustments have been made and you and your prosthetist are satisfied with the fit and function of the prosthesis, you will most likely be able to take the prosthesis home with you.

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